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Artificiale intelligence and technologies unique in the world unique technologies, challenges of expert know-how. These technologies offer a real competitive advantage in the world of trading. A4J TRADING (META)BOT is a set of automated advisors or AA's of metatrading that have selected a hundred robots and artificial intelligences with the most efficient results in the financial markets.


Risk Warning

Trading in the financial derivatives markets involves a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone, do not invest capital that you can not afford to lose. The content of this website and the services offered are not intended to be, are not and cannot be considered in any case, investment advice or any other type of financial advice, nor can it serve as a basis for any contract, commitment or decision of any kind. All financial products with margin and leverage carry a high risk to your capital and are therefore not suitable for all investors. Please make sure you fully understand all the risks involved.

We leave it to the reader to decide which services to use, but we always recommend training, reading, analysis, continuous learning and risk control and monitoring of your investments. We remain neutral in these decisions and limit ourselves to presenting objective information based on our experiences. The information contained in this website is provided with the aim of informing, so that the user can make their own decisions. In no case should this information be construed as an investment recommendation or as financial advice. Investing in leveraged products requires knowledge, good judgment, experience, training, patience, and constant monitoring of positions. They are instruments that carry a high risk if they are not properly managed. They must always be used with prudence and responsibility and under their own and thoughtful will and decision, without haste or preconceived ideas.

Why Choose Us



As the first reason to invest. If you are a person who is not satisfied with the non-existent and almost non-existent profitability that the vast majority of banking and financial products offer nowadays, you are in the right place.



 To benefit from the expertise of a team of professional traders. Our money will always be controlled and working for us, so that we can dedicate ourselves to what really matters to us: our family. We avoid spending hours and hours in front of graphics, and we can enjoy life.



Very necessary to earn your trust. Within our personal area in the broker, we will have access to the detail of our account. If we have a MAM account, we will receive an email every day summarizing the status of our account. Trading can be viewed in real time within a mobile app or PC, Metatrade.


Best Business To Own

If our objective is to invest with a higher profitability, what better business will you find, where you don't have to worry about rents, inventories, employees, accounts payable and receivable, quality controls, marketing campaigns... And you don't need to dedicate time to it either. What could be better?


Extra Income

Always thinking about an extra to our salary, to enjoy a well-deserved family holiday, or simply to save a cushion for our uncertain future.


Financial Freedom

Seek financial freedom that gives us the opportunity to be rich in time, but with money to enjoy with ours. Who hasn't dreamed of this at some point? It is possible with an investment according to the capital we need to live.


Immediate Liquidity

Your money will always be available for partial or total withdrawals.


No Commitment

You can withdraw your investment from the same day you invest, without having to stay with us for months before being able to withdraw your capital affordable minimum investment.
From 500€ we can participate in our MAM account with all the advantages it entails.


Possibility Of Making Partial Contribution

From 500€, we can make periodical or occasional contributions, to have a savings and investment vehicle in the same product.


European Deposit Guarantee

Our money is kept in a segregated account of the broker, in a bank.


No Deposit Or Maintenance Fees

A4J Trading or the broker we work with (ThunderMarkets) will not charge any withdrawal or deposit management fees.


We Only Win, If Our Customers Win

Our only goal and mission is to make you win. And we are so sure and convinced of it, that we only and exclusively charge if you win with us. Therefore, the 25% commission is applied on the PROFITS obtained at the end of the month. If there are no benefits any month, nothing applies, of course.



MAM, for its acronym in English is Multi-Account Manager, consists of a software that allows a professional trader to execute trades on multiple trading accounts through a master account. These MAM accounts allow the trader or manager to assign a higher leverage to certain associated accounts whose holders are willing to assume.


- The A4J Trading trading team can carry out operations with all investors' accounts by distributing for each account an adequate and managed risk management through the broker with encrypted technology Mam of the service providers.


- The investor can see what is happening at all times with the management of his account. The investor can revoke the power of attorney if he is not satisfied with the way in which his funds are being managed. You have the opportunity to receive the best benefits and higher percentages under this method.


- The investor chooses our agent and Metabot and opens a trading account, where funds are added to that account and only they can handle the money, with this he adds you to a pooled fund with which a trader trades professionally.


Unique technologies, challenges of expert know-how.

These technologies offer a real competitive advantage in the world of the stock market.

A4J TRADING (META)BOT is a set of Automated Advisors or meta-trading EA's that have selected a hundred robots and artificial intelligences with more efficient results in the financial markets.

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